Track 1: Haruka and Makoto on a Snow Day

Makoto: Today, Haru and I promised to go shopping in the neighbouring town… But Haru might still be in the bath tub, so I better go pick him up… Ah! Haru?
Haruka: …Makoto.
Makoto: Good morning! So you were already prepared! You’re very quick today! I thought you might still be in the bath tub.
Haruka: …I was still in there until a moment ago. But… It wasn’t enough… It’s still far from the water that I want to feel…
Makoto: Um… I don’t really get it but, Haru, even if it’s a warm bath, if you stay in there for too long in this time of the year you’ll catch a cold!
Haruka: I’m not that weak. Rather, I’d feel uncomfortable if I don’t soak in the bath tub.
Makoto: Haha! That’s very Haru like. But when it’s this cold, I just want to stay under a kotatsu…
Makoto: [ wind blows ]Ughh! It’s so c-cold… The wind is freezing… My ears hurt… Haru, they say that today is going to be the coldest day of the year…
Haruka: Is that so.
Makoto: Hmmm… I always think this, but… Haru, aren’t you cold wearing so little?
Haruka: Not particularly.
Makoto: I feel cold just looking at you! Geez… Unlike you, when I got up this morning I already felt freezing cold, so I wore lots of layers underneath my coat today…
Haruka: Aren’t you wearing too much today? You look a lot bigger than usual.
Makoto: Eh? Really?! Ah… Is it weird?
Haruka: Never mind that, let’s go, or we’ll miss the train.
Makoto: Ah! Wait for me Haru!

Makoto: Uwah… The snow’s all piled up! Isn’t there a lot this year?
Haruka: Isn’t it the same as usual?
Makoto: Really? I always feel like it piles as high as it used to when we were small and played in it. Back then, it felt like we were about to be buried by it… Ehehe~
Haruka: What is it, all of a sudden?
Makoto: Hehe… No, I just remembered something from a long time ago and felt nostalgic… When the snow piled up, I’d go make an igloo with Haru…
Makoto: One time we made a huge igloo, then we stayed in there for a long time, didn’t we? We grabbed things from our house and put them into the igloo… And then [laughs], because it was so comfortable we fell asleep, and our mums worriedly came looking for us…
Haruka: Now that you mention, that did happen… And then the next day Makoto got stuck in bed with a fever.
Makoto: That’s right! That same day, Haru also had a fever too!
Haruka: I got better really quick…
Makoto: Even after we got better, didn’t we get banned from playing in the snow for a while? …But because I was worried the igloo would cave in, I went to check on it but got caught by mum…
Haruka: …You did something like that? You…
Makoto: I really liked that igloo! Because Haru made that igloo so beautifully, I thought it would be a waste if it caved in… Haru, didn’t you build a shelf inside? That was such a surprise!
Haruka: …It was so simple… And it was something I made as a kid, so it’s nothing impressive…
[ wind blows ]
Makoto: Uwaah!! So cold! The wind is freezing… My feet won’t move…
Haruka: [ sighs ]
Makoto: Haru!! You walk too fast! Wait for me!
Haruka: Only because you’re slow. Come on, hurry up.
Makoto: Ah, wait up!

Makoto: Ughhh… It’s so cold.. My hands are freezing…
Haruka: Makoto, be quiet… We’re almost at the station, bear with it a little longer.
Makoto: But the ocean winds are so…! Hah… It really is particularly cold by the coast…
Haruka: You were the one who wanted to go shopping, so stop yelling “it’s so cold, it’s so cold” all the time.
Makoto: Nghh… Even so… But Haru was the one who said there was something he wanted to buy too! …Haru, could it be that you forced yourself to come along?
Haruka: …Not really. I didn’t say that.
Makoto: Thank goodness. Haru, aren’t you cold? Are you okay?
Haruka: [ sniffs ] I’m fine.
Makoto: If that’s the case, then… Haru!? Your lips are turning purple! And you’re shaking! As I thought, you’d be cold wearing so little!
Haruka: I’m not really— [ sneezes ]
Makoto: Geez… Even if you’re putting up a front, I can tell! Here, I’ll lend you some clothes! …Wear this, and wrap this around you…
Haruka: I’m fine, I don’t need it… Stop it, Makoto!
Makoto: There we go! You have to wear this and that like this…
Haruka: Makoto, I said that’s enough! 
Makoto: And then this…
Haruka: I said I don’t need it! Makoto, how many layers were you wearing!? 
Makoto: Come on, Haru, stop moving! I can’t wrap this properly if you don’t!
Haruka: Hey! Don’t wrap the scarf around me so messily! You’re going to… Bury my face…!
Makoto: And then tie a knot here…!
Haruka: My neck…!
Makoto: There! You should be a little warmer now…
Haruka: [ coughs ] Makoto, I can’t breathe… The scarf is too tight…! 
Makoto: Eh? Uwah!?! Ah!! Sorry, I’ll loosen it right now!! …How about now?
Haruka: …Makoto… You’ve always had idiotic strength… So think a little before you do something…
Makoto: I said I’m sorry! Or rather… Isn’t it mean, saying something like idiotic strength!!
Haruka: No matter how you think about it, it’s idiotic strength. You rely on your physical strength in everything you do.
Makoto: Shut up, you! 
Haruka: And your clothes are huge and heavy… It’s hard to walk in them… I’m giving them back.
Makoto: That won’t do, Haru! You’ll catch a cold! …Geez… Haru always looks fine at the beginning, but when you get halfway you’d feel cold… Listen to me and wear it!
Haruka:I’m saying I’m fine. [ sneezes ]
Makoto: You’re sneezing again… Not convincing at all! Come on, at least wear it to the station!
Haruka: …Even though I said I’m not cold…
Makoto: You look cold no matter what! …Gosh, lending you a coat and scarf is nothing.
Haruka: I prefer clothes that are easy to move in…
Makoto: Yes, yes.
Haruka: To begin with, Makoto, if you lent me so much, you’ll get cold. I’m giving them back, after all… 
Makoto: Ehehe~ I’ll be alright! Didn’t I say I wore a lot today? So I’ll be fine. Thank you, Haru.
Haruka: …Only because I don’t want you yelling about it being cold again… 
Makoto: Yes, yes! Hehe… Ah, Haru, the train’s nearly here! Let’s hurry!
Haruka: Yeah…

(note: translations are done from japanese -> chinese -> english, so there may be small differences)

What she says: I'm okay
What she means: Please watch Oofuri


i had to get this out my system i tried so Hard to not draw anything until a translation was out but i have no self-control when it comes to makoharu THE SNOW TRACK WAS SO CUTE……



Okay I just LOVE how Rin is so easily affected by Makoto’s words like remember the time Makoto called to ask him to join the swimming club? Then the time when Makoto asked him to take part in Splash Fest? Then NOW  MAKOTO FUCKING TOLD HIM THAT HARUKA TURNED INTO A MACKEREL AND HE BELIEVED IT OMFG SERIOUSLY RIN YOU DORK!!!!

Rin’s one-sided crush on Makoto is canon you don’t tell me otherwise.



It was an event of complete emotional annihilation, that’s what.

I expected nothing less, but ugh. I’ve been rolling around in too much pain to be coherent and I thought it would cool off a little by the weekend for me to talk about it a bit before the next wave of destruction courtesy of ep12, but no, it hurts and it got worse.

Here, have an informal list of things that struck me:

  • Acknowledgement of the swim club by the rest of their school — the club has done its fair share of dubious, gossip-inducing things in the past, so it’s really good to see that their schoolmates and teachers are aware of their achievements and offer genuine encouragement and praise. This is especially important because we know of their ongoing need to recruit more club members — scenes like this demonstrate that the club has gained credibility in the eyes of their school (and hopefully beyond), making it probable that more people would join to keep it afloat beyond the departure of the current third years.

  • Haruka says he’s not swimming just to win and the other sportspeople are like no huh what swim to win please swimming is a sport — and their subsequent musings about maybe trying indifference as a tactic to winning. It’s just a small snippet of a conversation but it does once again highlight the difference between Haruka’s attitude versus other people’s attitude, and also the ease and effortlessness of natural talent. The scene even acts as a reminder that swimming as a sport requires a different mentality from the “free” passion and love of being in the water that Haruka currently possesses.

  • Amakata-sensei covering for Haruka to her higher-ups, and more-or-less telling the Principal not to bother Haruka about the failed freestyle race (although in a very subtle polite manner). Amakata-sensei demonstrating awareness that Haruka is dealing with Teenage Issues and indicating her belief that the best thing for them adults to do now is to watch over him patiently.

  • Sasabe demonstrating the same awareness almost immediately when he butts into Nagisa and Rei’s conversation. I like that the two primary adult figures in the series aren’t cast as ignorant, stupid, negligent or forceful — they obviously know that the kids have a lot on their plate. They have simply decided to give Haruka space and trust that he will figure it out, because in the end we all have to figure things out for ourselves.

  • Rin has gone from uncertainty/fear/being on the verge of quitting to being able to pick any university swim team he wants because they all want him O  M  G the amount of personal triumph contained within that development is staggering.

  • Ai’s honest love and admiration of Rin — he gets teary and disappointed at thoughts of being unable to swim with Rin, or Rin leaving. Seijuurou’s and Ai’s feelings towards Rin are very important to me — the two of them were there when he was at his worst, and they have stuck by him and believed in him. Having cared so much about him, they also feel very proud of him now.

  • The entirety of Momotaro’s impromptu speech regarding eternal summers was beautiful. Sports anime, guys, not end of your lives.

  • Those frames of Haruka stepping onto the starting block. The starting block is marked with “1”, calling to mind a winners’ podium.

  • The closeness and nakama power is bleeding obvious with the Iwatobis — one person’s personal troubles quickly spreads and infects the rest, everyone looks worried and uncertain and it impacts directly on their swimming.

  • Gou and Hana-chan, angsting about third year pain. I love.

  • Makoto under the radar, as usual. Such character construction is meant to enable the audience to observe/find out what the rest of the in-universe cast do not know; it is a technique ordinarily employed for specific character types — those who keep things to themselves, those who have secrets to hide, those who do things alone (loners), etc. It is to flag to the audience that there is something going on, to allow the audience to speculate and therefore realise that a confrontation or discovery will take place further down the story. Often the audience also figures out the plot in advance. I… am honestly floored by the number of people who have not been paying attention to Makoto’s subplot; there have been so many indicators and moments like these are absolutely in your face.

  • In that talk with Haruka, Sousuke was really… presumptuous and self-serving. Not ooc and not inconsistent with his motives and preoccupations, but what an unpleasant attitude to adopt. Haruka has always been pretty chill and composed in confrontations, and even he frowned so hard lol.

  • That H + M walk home was so loaded A+++. It should be an axiom that the most domestic/slice-of-life/everyday scenes are the ones which reveal the most about Haruka, Makoto, and Haruka&Makoto.

  • The leadership angle has been played so strong in Rin’s favour this season.

  • In the scene where Gou shows the chart to the boys, there is an interesting sequence — we are shown each of the boys’ troubled faces consecutively: Nagisa, Rei, Haruka —> all three of them have identical furrowed brows and downcast gazes. But Makoto is different. Makoto’s brows are furrowed, yes, but he is looking at Haruka, and then he looks away to the side, then we get a zoom in on his eyes.

  • Not going to lie I screamed at the flight ticket to Sydney.

  • Not going to lie I screamed at the text from Makoto to Rin please make this a continuation of their hotel room talk please.

  • Kyoto Animation’s attention to detail re: characters’ rooms, houses and environments is extraordinary; the environments function as characterisation, exactly as they should.

  • There is a conspicuous lack of Makoto as a topic of discussion in chats amongst other characters. CONSPICUOUS. It is at its most glaring during the Nagisa and Rei talk — a lack of discourse regarding Makoto’s future, choices, behaviour, etc. We know that they care about Makoto too, yet Makoto is hardly if ever mentioned at all, despite being in the same third year boat as Haruka. It’s as though nothing about him has given anyone reason to be concerned. As the audience with more clues given to us, we know that Makoto is also having to think about these big issues, that he is also worried, at a crossroads, with hidden burdens growing on him. But the other characters talk about Haruka, worry about Haruka, feel the need to talk to Haruka… THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT (a) MAKOTO’S ABILITY TO DEFLECT ATTENTION AND ESCAPE NOTICE, (b) HIS SHEER SKILL AT KEEPING HIS PAIN TO HIMSELF, (c) THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT HE PUTS IN TO ENSURE PEOPLE NEVER WORRY ABOUT HIM, (d) HIS PROPENSITY TO SUFFER IN SILENCE.

  • Haruka sulks off as everybody watches. That frame when Makoto’s sets his jaw. The determination and the inevitability. It has come down to him — some part of him has known it all along, knew it would turn out like this, that it would be him, and he would have to do something.

  • This is a boy who has done everything humanly possible to avoid conflict over the course of his life. He walks straight to where he knows his best friend will be — a person who he absolutely cannot bear to lose — and opens his mouth.

  • He starts off so gentle, voice soft and quiet, lays out the unconditional support and love before he even gets into anything else. He’s terrified and privately anxious, fingers flexing and gripping onto the railing. He still wants this to go well, he still hopes that he can say his piece and Haruka can say his piece and they can work it out.

  • I   A M   I N   S O   M U C H   P A I N

  • A  U  S  T  R  A  L  I  A


The Story of the Samezuka Bug Catching Event

Notes: this is probably my favorite track (and the sourin is so strong


*door opens*
Sousuke: Oh? Welcome back, Rin.
Rin: Hey Sousuke. Oh, what’cha up to? Summer vacation homework?
Sousuke: Yeah…Hey Rin, can you help me with English?
Rin: Nuh-uh~ It doesn’t make sense for me to do it for you.
Sousuke: C’mon, besides… you taught me last time!
Rin: Ugh…okay fine. Just a little bit.
Sousuke: *laughs* You’re really helping me out!
Rin: Yeah yeah…
Sousuke: In other news, wasn’t it hot today? My throat is burning like mad.
Rin: That’s right, me too.
Sousuke: Well then…how about the loser has to buy the winner juice?
Rin: You’re ON!
Both: JAN KEN…
Sousuke: Damn…
Rin: So about that juice…any kind is fine.
Sousuke: Okay…I’ll go to the vending machine to get it.


Momo: I’m back! Pyunsuke~~~ Were you lonely when I wasn’t here, Pyunsuke? 
Nitori: Momo-kun, I don’t think stag beetles get lonely…
Momo: Noooo Pyunsuke…
Nitori: Momo-kun, don’t just be worrying about stag beetles. Don’t you have other things to do? 
Momo: Pyunsuke~~ you were crawling around today huh…that’s so cool!
Nitori: He’s totally ignoring me…I guess I’ll do my homework. Hmm…well then, now where is my English homework? Should be around here somewhere… AH!! Momo-kun watch out!
Momo: Ahhhhh!!!!!
Nitori: Momo-kun are you okay!
Momo: I’m fine! Pyunsuke should also be okay…WAIT WHERE IS PYUNSUKE?
Nitori: Oh man he’s flying somewhere!
Momo: Pyunsukeeee where are you going!!?!?


Rin: It’s so damn noisy, who the hell is running? Oh shit, I totally forgot to tell Momo and Ai’s training menu for tomorrow… I wonder if they’re in their room… *knock knock* Ai, Momo? Are they not here? All right I’m coming in…what the…IT IS SO MESSY IN HERE. IN FACT, IT IS WAY TOO MESSY. I told them so many times to clean up! Where the hell did they go?


Sousuke: Hmm…I guess I’ll get cola for myself, but I wonder what Rin wants…He did say he didn’t care, but that just makes it harder for me to decide!
Ai: *gasping* Momo-kun wait up! You’re too fast!
Momo: What are you talking about, Nitori-senpai? If we don’t hurry Pyunsuke will fly out of the dorm!
Ai: I know!! Oh? Yamazaki-senpai! You did well today!
Momo: Good job today! I recommend the top right drink!
Sousuke: Ah? Yeah…
Momo: Pyunsuke~~ where are you going?
Ai: Momo-kun wait uppppp!!!
Sousuke: What the heck are those two doing?
Rin: Hey Sousukeee! Did you see Ai and Momo come by here?
Sousuke: Ah yeah, the two of them ran over there!
Rin: Thank you!
Sousuke: Wait Rin! What about your juice? Which one do you want?
Rin: I don’t really care! Just get me the top right one!
Sousuke: The top right one? Hm….? Okay then…


Ai & Momo: *gasps*
Ai: Pyunsuke~ where are you? Momo-kun look! That stag beetle on that tree might be Pyunsuke!
Momo: That brilliant form…it DEFINITELY is Pyunsuke!
Nitori & Momo: Ahhhh!!
Ai: Rin-senpai…
Rin: Oi…..Ai!
Ai: YES!
Momo: Nitori-senpai!
Ai: Momo-kun, leave this here to me. You need to go! I’m begging you!
Momo: Nitori-senpai!!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU SENPAI!
Rin: Ai! What the hell is wrong with your room?
Ai: I’m sorry, I got caught up with practice and was definitely going to clean up but I uh…
Rin: WHY YOU!!!!!!
Ai: AHHH!!!
Rin: Just by looking at your room I can tell what’s really in your heart. Clean up that shit before practice tomorrow otherwise I AM THROWING EVERYTHING AWAY.
Ai: OKAY! I’M SORRY! *runs away*
Momo: Pyunsuke!! Ah there he is!
Momo: Guhh, Rin-senpai!
Momo: Ahhhh…before that, please hear me out…
Rin: AHHHHH!!!!!
Momo: *crying* Ahhh Pyunsuke is heading towards Rin-senpai! Please grab it, Rin-senpai!
Rin: What? *Pyunsuke flies into Rin* GAHH OUCH! What the????? The stag beetle—!!!
Momo: Rin-senpai, that’s amazing! You’re definitely important to these stag beetles~ There are so many! Yahooooo!
Rin: Don’t pull my chest! I’m getting bitten by these stag beetles!
Momo: Rin-senpai, I’m going to keep all of these!
Rin: I don’t care! This hurts! Oww!
Momo: Rin-senpai, give me at least 10!
Rin: Stop this right now!


*opens door*
Rin: That was such a pain.
Sousuke: Welcome back!
Rin: Yeah, I’m back…Man, all that running really got me thirsty.
Sousuke: Then drink this. ‘Savor the feelings of stag beetles, a thick and fine sugar honey drink’ By Second Gold Sweets
Rin: Uhhh……
Sousuke: What’s wrong?
Rin: You too?? ‘Savor the feelings of stag beetles, a thick and fine sugar honey drink’ By Second Gold Sweets” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? This is not a drink that humans should be drinking! Why don’t YOU try drinking this?
Sousuke: Not gonna happen. You were the one who chose it after all…’Give me whatever is on the top right.’
Rin: Why didn’t you think about it a bit more? Isn’t it weird?
Sousuke: Rin *pats* try to remember when we also used to catch stag beetles.
Rin: I’m going to punch you!
Sousuke: Now that’s not fair.


Nitori: Rin-senpai!
Momo: Yamazaki-senpai!
Nitori & Momo: Good morning!
Nitori: Rin-senpai, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good…
Rin: It’s just some heartburn, don’t worry about it…
Sousuke: In either case, you did pretty well…
Rin: YOU should try drinking this next time and ‘taste the feelings of stag beetles.’
Sousuke: Well, I think I’ll pass…

THIS IS SO CUTE DOTING BOYFRIEND SOUSUKE IS SO ADORABLE AND MOMO AND NITORI AND AHHH! also, the audio cuts off at the end, so if anyone has the full version of this track, please let me know!


summer is over boys„„


Nagisa used head-rub; it’s super effective! (・∀・)


me looking for someone to date:




ive got nothing 2 say anymore


Mako is breathing loudly through his mouth and THEN his voice is muffled and THEN after haru hums you can hear a wet smack

if that’s not a kiss idk what it is…


Baby Doe eyed Kageyama makes me want to cry


Makoto and Rin with a Black Cat

I don’t have a full translation but IT’S STILL HELLA CUTE